James McAluney Is Truly Committed To Hawaii

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James McAluney is a property and casualty agent that is committed to building and supporting Hawaii’s economy by helping the community. As a dedicated full-time professional insurance agent, Mr. McAluney delivers high-quality risk coverage services to business and property owners, non-profit organizations, social services agencies, residential customers, and the environmental industry. Jim McAluney has worked hard to become a leading agent in Hawaii.

Community Servant

What’s great about Jim McAluney is that he cares about the community and spends as much time as needed to make sure his clients receive the coverage and service they deserve. He negotiates insurance placements and renewals, analyzes risk transfer plans, provides recommendations based on his findings, and he enjoys consulting with his customers about their various business’, self-insured programs, loss prevention and claims management.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In his spare time, James McAluney enjoys baseball. He’s a fanatic for all levels of baseball, from the local high school teams to the majors. He follows the Philadelphia Phillies. He likes other sports too, including basketball and soccer. And he’s the BBQ King. He has been told that he “often saves the BBQ at other people’s parties.”

Charitable Contributions

Mr. McAluney cares a lot about his community and likes to help out in other ways than just helping people find the right insurance policy. He takes part is several groups, organizations, and charities. He’s an active member in the Honu Father-Daughter Group and is a passive member of the Hawaii Association of Environmental Professionals. James McAluney is an active volunteer and donor for Holy Nativity School and Malama Maunalua. He also helps out Big Brothers / Big Sisters and the Assets School.

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